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It is estimated that 1 in 10 men has a problem related to having sex,such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexual problems can affect any man whether he is straight, gay ,bisexual or transgender. Erectile dysfunction (impotence)- This is when a man can't get or keep,an erection.


The sexual problems reported by women commonly consists of three types. Lack of sexual desire or lack of interest in sex is a common problem in both men and women but especially in women. Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) is not uncommon and anorgasm that is difficulty in reaching female orgasm.


In males, abnormal sperms production or function due to undescended testicles ,genetic defects ,health problems such as diabetes and infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, mumps or HIV. In females, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), damaged ovaries, tubal infertility and hormonal problems etc.


Latest treatment by medicines which are more effective,work faster with fewer or no side effects and permanent results.

welcome to consult sex problems

  • we at DOCTOR D.K JAGPAL's clinic understand that talking about and seeking a solution for your sex related problems can be embarrasing and intimidating and that is why we gurantee 100% privacy.
    your details will never be share with any third party. The unique blend of therapy and counselling that is developed and perfected during the last 23 years of my practice will ensure that :-

  • You and your partner will start enjoying sex life never before! ( all your doubt and frustrations will disappear and you will emerge as a new and fully confident person )

  • You will be able to transform your relationships into a deep lasting and a passionate one

  • You will not suffer any side effects usually associated with the use of certain medications for the treatment of sexual problems

  • Online consultation ensure you that you can now get access to qualified proffessionals irrespective of your location

  • Quick consultation turn around time means that you can get your problem diagnosed and resolve very fast and be on your way to enjoying great sex with your partner at the earliest

  • So get the online consultation right now to get rid of all stress, resentment and hurt that you feel due to sex related problems and start on a journey of sexual freedom and intimacy with your partner



Timing: 10:00am-2:00pm / 4:00pm-8:00pm

(Sunday on Appointment)

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